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Pas de Calais


Founded in 1998 by the Japanese designer Yukari Suda, Pas de Calais is inspired by the purity and simplicity of nature, where to return to rediscover our deepest roots, our essence.

An essence of purity and nostalgia added to modern casual design, the Pas de Calais spirit is a romantic contemporary universe. Combining a variety of traditional dyeing and advanced techniques used with cotton, linen and silk, Pas de Calais develops its own original textiles. Natural materials are harmoniously composed into a comfortable wearable collection. The color tones, like the surrounding landscape, are based on soft naturally subdued shades of ecru, sand, khaki green, chalk white, dove gray and coal black.

Pas de Calais proposes a balanced subtle mixture of casual silhouettes in wholesome fabrics highlighted by touches of decadence that give a freedom of personal styling that crosses all frontiers.


Pas de Calais為法國的加萊海峽省,那是一個風景怡人的地方,美麗的白色懸崖與湛藍的海水,晴朗的天氣下甚至能看到另一邊的英國海岸,也由於這得天獨厚的地理優勢,加萊成為了法國的蕾絲之都,以紗線織就出一幅幅精緻的圖樣。

受到加萊豐富的人文歷史與自然景觀的啟發,設計師Yukari Suda以柔和乾淨的色調為基底,於1998年成立了這個優美的服飾品牌Pas de Calais