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5 Octobre

總是含帶著人文意義的 5 Octobre,其設計精神是講求精緻的細節以及運用了天然寶石的各個原貌、紋理等原生特質來產生美麗的對比。因為每一顆寶石都包含了時間以及其他種種因素所賦予的外貌特色,這正是他們的生命特質。

設計師-Sophie Schapira Pfeffer正是一位具有典型巴黎女性所擁有的優雅氣質與自我風格的法國美女。自小就對各種礦石寶石情有獨鍾的Sophie,從一位只是喜歡收集礦石、寶石、古董玻璃珠以及郵票的小女生,蛻變成一位能賦予它們美麗生命的創作者。

5 Octobre 的珠寶是非常容易用來相互組合搭配的。混搭以及多層次用法也是手玩Sophie作品的樂趣。低調素雅的自然美學概念, 在其作品之中不難發現。5 Octobre 全系列商品,皆在法國手工精製。

The spirit of 5 OCTOBRE collections is a combination of refinement and raw stones, with a work on symbolism of stones, in a minimalist assembly.

Each stone is possessing its own beneficial effects and the jewels of 5 OCTOBRE are like native jewels. One returns here to the even of the primitive ornament: thus, in more of the aesthetic step, the jewel becomes again a talisman intended to ensure the protection of that which carries it, left grigri of modern time likely to bring a benefit to its holder.

The designer -

Sophie Schapira Pfeffer was born in Paris. She became a lawyer in 1992,
but in 2000, she joined the family enterprises to participate as a buyer. Since her childhood, Sophie has a passion for gemstones and jewels, she collects vintage glass beads, but also old stamps and pieces of papers and dreams about creation. In 2004, she concretizes her passion and begin to create her collection of jewellery.

Her work is concentrate on the matter, the development of gemstones with a minimalist assembly , the use of brass for his mate aspect. Her collection are refined and ludic.

All jewels are handmade in France